Fire Emblem Warriors

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  • Fire Emblem Warriors is an action-heavy role-playing game for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.
  • It's a cross between the Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors game franchises, with players assuming the role of twin siblings Lianna and Rowan, who are out to reclaim their stolen land, Aytolis Kingdom, from an evil presence. The duo meet up with other main characters from the Fire Emblem series -- including the likes of Chrom, Marth, Xander, Ryoma, Corrin, Lucina, and others -- as they venture out across huge battlefields to slice and dice against thousands of enemies over each mission.
  • Much of the skill lies in executing chained combo attacks and special moves at the right time. As with the Fire Emblem series, the weapon triangle system determines how effective one character's abilities are against others, such as one mastering sword skills or ax wielding. You can also pair up two hero characters as a single unit to maximize their abilities.
  • Amiibo compatible