Kirby Battle Royale

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  • Let the Kirby battles begin in the ultimate championship!
  • Battle Mode can be played by 1-4 players either in Local Play or in Internet matches!
  • This game also features 1 player Story Mode where you have to survive King Dedede’s latest scheme!

More details:

  • Battle Royale sends Nintendo's lovable pink puffball on a mission to win a series of battles hosted by King Dedede in hopes of winning a delicious cake.
  • The tournament is actually a series of party-style mini-games in which four contestants battle each other while undertaking various tasks. The simplest competitions involve little more than vying to be the last blob standing, while more sophisticated challenges see characters poking each other with weapons while trying to collect and deposit apples, or grab coins while avoiding a pesky ghost.
  • The short single-player mode sees players working their way through five progressively difficult leagues against computer opponents, earning new abilities along the way.
  • Multiplayer modes include the local-focused Battle mode, where you can set game parameters and play against friends in the same room, and Online Battle, which pits players against strangers online.
  • You can also learn and practice techniques in Training mode, or view the items you've earned and medals you've won in the Collection menu.
  • Download play allows multiple players to play together locally with only one copy of the game, but certain features are locked unless everyone has their own game card.