N64- Mace: The Dark Age

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Live by the sword. Kill for the mace! The Mace of Tanus, a magical weapon created by the wizard Asmodeus in 1300 A.D., gives immortality and unlimited powers to its owner. Although originally created with the good intention of benefiting the world, the powers of the Mace bewitch anyone who wields this mighty weapon into craving more. The most formidable fighters have now come together to vie for the Mace, with the winner facing Asmodeus. But the question remains can a sorcerer armed with such powers be defeated? Each medieval character wields a weapon unique to their land of origin. Their only desire - inflict serious pain! Sixteen player-selectable characters, two amazing bosses and six hidden characters. Tons of tasty combos and reversals with simple four-button controls. Become immersed in battle with complete 3D character movement. Behold the interactive multi-level arenas, but beware of the deadly boundaries!

Previously Played, Cartridge Only.