Octopath Traveler

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  • Octopath Traveler -- as the name suggests -- is a role-playing game that lets players choose from eight different characters, each with a unique story and abilities, as you set out on a grand adventure.
  • Reminiscent of classic fantasy role-playing games (RPGs) such as portable Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest (and even The Legend of Zelda) titles, the game offers turn-based combat, the ability to level up and equip yourself with better items, hundreds of characters to talk to (including allies to band with), locations to unlock, and items to find and use (and buy and sell).
  • Each of the eight characters takes you down a different path in the same game universe. Whether you choose to specialize in swordplay, magic, thievery, or healing, it's up to you to chart each character's journey and determine the fate of this world.