Petz Rescue Endangered Paradise

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As a member of the Earth Rescue Team (ERT), your mission is to save the wildlife on a beautiful island that has been threatened by pollution.


Save a beautiful island:

  • Heal wild animals.
  • Clean wild areas of pollution and recycle the waste you find.
  • Prepare the environment and reintroduce vegetative plants for the animals to eat.

Protect and rescue 12 wild animals:

  • The island is a natural haven with four different environments (forest, taiga, savanna, desert) from a cold forest with bears to a dry savannah with lions.

Help the local inhabitants develop a greener village:

  • Teach them to adopt eco-friendly friendly habits such as water conservation and recycling.

Live a great adventure:

  • Team up with the other inhabitants of the island to solve its mystery; work closely with the other members of the ERT to save the island.

Calculate your carbon footprint:

  • Understand your actual carbon footprint outside of the game.