Pokkén Tournament DX

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  • Pokkén Tournament DX is a portable action game that pits Pokémon characters against one another in epic arena fights.
  • Your goal is to become the ultimate champion by mastering the various fighting styles and signature moves of more than 20 Pokémon -- including newcomers Croagunk, Scizor, Empoleon, Darkrai, and Decidueye -- and because it's on the portable Nintendo Switch platform, you can vie to become Ferrum League champion on the go or at home while docked with your TV, perhaps.
  • Along with single-player options against the game's AI (artificial intelligence), new modes lets you challenge your friends in intense competitions, including Team Battle or Group Match modes (which allows you to battle friends in tournament-style play), and three-vs.-three and split-screen options.
  • Plus, you can record and upload your favourite fights with the new replay feature
  • All Amiibos unlock clothing, titles, and in-game currency for your avatar.