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  • In Vanguard City, policeman Davis Russell and his partner Leo Delgado are on duty when the city comes under attack by an army of strange barbaric soldiers called Lutadores armed with gravity-defying technology. As the ground is shaking in the wake of the attack, Davis and Leo hurry to Davis' apartment to check on his wife Cara and his daughter Leila. Upon arrival, the duo find Cara wounded and Leila missing. Cara dies of her injuries and Davis and Leo are soon captured by the Lutadores, who have taken control of the city.
  • Davis and Leo are taken to a prison camp and forced by the Lutadores to dig in a tunnel system, Davis only getting by on the hope that his daughter is still alive.
  • The duo manage to make it out of the prison and back into the ruins of Vanguard City, now heavily occupied by Lutadore forces.