Style Savvy: Trendsetters

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  • Take the fashion world by storm
  • You’ll have your hands full running your own boutique and setting the trends in a style obsessed city
  • Choose from 21 men’s and women’s brands with the hottest looks in fashion today!
  • Open and Online Shop and create outfits for other players worldwide! You can also receive outfits created by other players.

More details:

  • Take the fashion world by storm in Style Savvy: Trendsetters for Nintendo 3DS systems. Fun and suitable for players of all ages, the Style Savvy games introduce you into the world of fashion, giving you the opportunity to start your own trends and let your unique sense of style shine.
  • Style Savvy: Trendsetters for Nintendo 3DS puts you in the role of a budding fashion mogul. Your job is to manage your boutique and make your way to the top, helping customers find just the right style for them while maintaining a selection of clothing that reflects your own sense of fashion. You’ve already caught everyone’s eye with your bold, cutting-edge choices and received good ratings for your style sense; now you need to keep your boutique stocked with the most fashionable clothes so that you can satisfy even the most discerning customer.
  • With thousands of clothing options to choose from that come from over 19 different brands, as well as a map that expands as you play, Style Savvy: Trendsetters allows you to explore the fashion world from several different angles.
  • You can travel between your apartment and boutique, purchase new clothing and accessories for your store, and customize the shop with furniture that showcases your own personality.
  • You can also participate in contests on your way to becoming a true fashion superstar.
  • Several characters make an appearance within the Nintendo game, from Michaela, who owns the store you ultimately start out as an employee in, to furniture store owner Harris.
  • You can choose from seven different playable characters, each one with their own unique specialty, allowing you to approach games with a new style each time you start over. The characters’ appearances can be changed with new outfits, makeup, and hairstyles so that they better represent you and your style.
  • As a video game in the simulation genre, Style Savvy: Trendsetters makes good use of the Nintendo 3DS’s capabilities, letting players immerse themselves more fully in the fashion world.
  • You have the option of taking screenshots in Nintendo game, snapping photos straight from the top screen whenever you’d like. These 3D screenshots can then be downloaded onto an SD card for easy sharing through the computer.
  • Additionally, the AR Photo Op mode makes it easy to take augmented reality photographers from the game. Sharing can be done by connecting wirelessly through the Fashion Plaza, where you can create outfits to sell to other players and compete in friendly contests where your goal is to match a given theme.
  • With high ratings, fun music, and a huge array of clothes and accessories to choose from, Style Savvy: Trendsetters for Nintendo 3DS stands out from other Nintendo simulation games. The vast amount of content and styles provide hours of gameplay, allowing players to take a long dip into the fashion world. Careers in high fashion are all the rage, and this is your chance to step into a new role, set up a beautiful store, and create brand new trends that catapult your name to the top of the most stylish lists.