Wii U- The Wonderful 101

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  • Superheroes unite, figuratively and literally, to fend off the Gethjerk alien menace and save the world in the Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101.
  • Gamers take control of Wonder Red, leader of the titular group, and guide the horde of heroes as they explore each stage, rescue helpless citizens, and join forces to form large fists, swords, and guns to battle foes.
  • The action is viewed from an isometric perspective, and as players save more citizens and enlist them into the horde, they can synthesize larger weapons and create helpful objects like bridges and chains.
  • Enemies drop parts that can be collected and used to buy upgrades and new abilities, and they also drop batteries gamers can use to recharge their energy meter.
  • At the end of each level players earn an overall score based on how quickly they completed the stage, how many people they saved, and how much damage they took. In the single-player mode gamers use the GamePad to draw out which item they wish to morph into, while the multiplayer mode lets four players use Wii Remotes while a fifth controls the action with a GamePad.