The World Ends With You: Final Remix

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  • Survive the week or be erased is the dilemma Neku Sakuraba finds himself in The World Ends With You: Final Remix, an expanded remake of the original Nintendo DS cult classic role-playing game.
  • Neku’s trouble begins when he wakes up in the Shibuya district in Tokyo without a memory of anything aside from his name and under attack my strange creatures. Stumbling across a young girl naked Shiki, Neku quickly learns he is the latest “Player” recruited into the Reapers’ Game. The two are matched as partners and are challenged to complete daily “Missions” within an allotted time or risk facing the wrath of the Reapers and being wiped out from all existence.
  • With no other choice than to play, Neku struggles to survive while working to uncover the secrets behind the Reapers’ Game, how he became a Player in it, and hopefully to find a way out for himself and his friends.
  • This new version includes updated HD visuals, new controls, expanded story content, and local co-op multiplayer, giving a friend control of Neku’s partner during combat.