Warioware Gold

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  • Warioware Gold is the latest installment in the mini-game franchise, where the infamous villain discovers that he's completely out of cash.
  • Looking to make a quick buck, Wario creates a video game tournament in Diamond City and enlists his friends (and frenemies) to make the mini-games for the competition.
  • Players have to pay 10,000 coins for a chance at winning a grand prize of 10 million coins, but of course, Wario plans on skewing the results so he keeps all the dough.
  • Gamers will take on more than 300 mini-games, all of which last only three seconds. So you're always on your toes to hit a button, turn the system like a steering wheel, draw on the screen, or blow into the 3DS mic.
  • After a few rounds, the speed of each game accelerates, so you have to react even faster.
  • Completing games earns coins, which can be put in a machine to unlock bonus content such as mini-games, soundtracks, and movie clips. Are your reflexes fast enough to foil Wario's money making schemes?