Wii- DanceDanceRevolution: Hottest Party

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Combining the traditional mat-based gameplay of the Dance Dance Revolution series with the motion sensing Wii Remote, DDR Hottest Party lets players move their whole body as they dance for a physical and immersive gameplay experience. While matching the directional arrows with their feet on the dance mat, players will also make specific movements with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, adding even more complexity to each song as they dance alone or with up to three other players across a variety of new game modes, including fun new mini-games.


Taking advantage of the motion-based gameplay opportunities provided by the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party features several new modes of play that test players' dancing skills, coordination, endurance and teamwork. In the new Friendly Synch multiplayer mode, each player must step on the correct arrow or make the right Wii Remote movement in unison for it to count. The game also includes an updated Battle Mode and a new Support Mode in which players can dance cooperatively. Fan favorite modes such as Free Play and Workout Mode will return with new twists that utilize the Wii Remote for an entirely new dancing experience. Continuing the series' tradition of standout hit dance music, Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party will feature a new and exclusive soundtrack packed with chart-topping songs from the last four decades across a variety of genres.