XB360 - Call of Duty: Ghosts

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  • In Call of Duty: Ghosts, the story is mostly told via character, Logan Walker. Players assume the role of Logan for most of the game, with several other playable characters, including an astronaut specialist named Baker, Sergeant Thompson, member of Icarus and Logan's father, Elias Walker, with an all new option to play as Riley, the first non-human playable character in the franchise.
  • The multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts has some changes from earlier Call of Duty games. Some new mechanics have been added to it. Maps now have areas that can be altered or destroyed.
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts introduces a new game type called Squads. This mode can be played either solo or with other players. A squad consists of ten different customizable characters. Squads can be utilized in unique gamemodes involving AI controlled enemies and AI controlled squad mates.