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Art Academy

Art Academy

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  • Enjoy painting and drawing like never before with Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone!
  • Anyone can do it! Follow the step-by-step lessons, and marvel at how your skills improve
  • Introductory and Advanced courses!
  • Share your art with family and friends!


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  • Artists of all ages can explore their talents with a brilliant tutorial game from Headstrong Studios and Nintendo 3DS. "Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone" possesses a pretty self-explanatory title, but it really is something you have to experience for yourself. You love to play Pokemon and other popular Disney games on your 3DS, but with "Art Academy," your console can actually equip you to paint your first masterpiece.
  • Using video game technology, artists are essentially transported into a classroom where they can get trained in a number of artistic skills. Follow your guide, Vince, your bearded instructor, who will educate you about techniques, theories, and the practice of drawing, painting, and other artistic endeavors through a series of fun videos. As your in-game art tutor, Vince is fun and engaging and explains things in a complete and understandable way.
  • By playing "Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone" on Nintendo 3DS, the hope is that the skills you picked up will later be practiced in real life. Start from the beginning, and learn about how to block with color, how to accurately add shade and lighting, how to accurately add details, and different ways you can mix paint to impact the atmosphere of your work. These beginning lessons provide the foundation needed to advance onto more involved assignments and to put your skills into practice. From there, Vince will guide you into advanced academy lessons, where his exposition becomes less prominent and you are given freedom to play around and show your stuff.
  • Learn how to paint landscapes or still life, get educated in the art of portraiture, and practice drawing things like architecture. As you progress through 30 different lessons, you will be given step-by-step instructions from Vince that will lead you to more intricate assignments.
  • In Free Paint mode, you can make up your own rules, using the touchscreen and stylus to apply pencil, coloured pencil, pastel, and paint to your drawings.
  • Use the camera on your Nintendo 3DS to take a three-dimensional picture that can later be used in Art Academy for inspiration. This gives you the opportunity to apply the lessons you’ve learned through the game into a real-world situation where you get to paint or draw something that you have physically seen.
  • If you’re particularly proud of a piece of work, the SpotPass features allows you to save your drawings and paintings as well as share them with your friends as part of a gallery.
  • This game gives you a chance to learn about something you are passionate about. Practice drawing Pokemon or your favourite Disney characters as gaming turns into painting on your Nintendo 3DS. As a student in the Art Academy, find out about everything from basic techniques to theories about drawing and painting. Explore different schools of thoughts, and get trained in the essential practices that help make someone a true artist.


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