Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

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  • In Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, you must navigate trap- and enemy-filled worlds to collect items (coins and other gems, gold stars and power-ups), take on enemies who stand in your way, and figure out a way to solve each maze-like level.
  • The story follows Captain Toad and Toadette, who are out treasure hunting. When they climb to get a Power Star, it's nabbed by a giant Wingo bird, who also grabs Toadette. Your job is to find Toadette and retrieve the Power Star.
  • Players can swing the camera around 360 degrees, which can offer a closer view of upcoming dangers and hidden items. The game fuses platforming elements, light combat (from third- and first-person views), collectibles, and lots of puzzle solving.
  • The Nintendo Switch version includes four new Super Mario Odyssey-themed levels, as well as a sharable experience with the Joy-Con controllers, where one player controls Toad while the other handles the camera and tosses turnips at obstacles.
  • Super Mario Odyssey series Amiibo: Tap one of these Amiibo figures to immediately unlock all stages based on Super Mario Odyssey, which can also be eventually unlocked through regular gameplay.
  • Toad Amiibo: Tap a Toad Amiibo to gain invincibility.
  • Tap any other compatible Amiibo to receive an extra life.