SNES - Clay Fighter (Cartridge Only)

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Though originally designed to compete with other fighting games like Mortal Kombat, ClayFighter for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) instead became a video game in a class of its own. It featured the same mechanics and competitive gameplay seen in most fighting games but without the blood and gore, making it more appealing to a wider audience. This family-friendly video game is great for gamers who crave the action of a fighting game but don’t like the bloodiness that typically comes with them. ClayFighter was developed by Visual Concepts and published by Interplay Entertainment for the Super Nintendo in 1993. Ringler Studios ported the game to the Sega Genesis a year later. Both versions of the game received generally positive ratings, with fans of fighting games enjoying the comedic characters and variety of combos offered. ClayFighter for the SNES utilizes claymation for its graphics, which involves actual clay models that are photographed and then digitized into the game. This gives the characters a look that’s unique from other fighters, especially compared to popular Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games of the time. The game’s eight fighters come in a range of shapes and sizes, and each one has its own characteristics and skills, from Blob’s ability to morph into weapons to Tiny’s enormous fists. With their colorful appearances and larger than life personalities, the playable characters add a depth to this Super Nintendo game that makes it stand out from the crowd. Critics gave the game positive ratings for its fun fighters. Try each of the characters on for size and see which one melds best with your own fighting style. You can choose from a variety of clay fighters, including a snowman with a bad attitude and an opera singer who really knows how to hit her high notes. There’s Blue Suede Goo, whose large size doesn’t stop him from dominating the arena, and a piece of taffy with an incredibly long reach. There’s also N. Boss, a non-playable boss character who shows up at the end to test your skills. The story that drives ClayFighter for the SNES is as colorful as its characters. Playland was once a popular vacation spot, but when a clay meteor collides with the now-abandoned amusement park, it’s entirely transformed. The circus’ attractions are all touched by the meteor’s goo, and they gain new abilities, as well as a new goal—to become the King of the Circus. They square off against one another in order to achieve that goal, fighting to prove that they’re worthy of the title. If you’re a fan of fighting games or just like unique video games in general, ClayFighter for the SNES is a great addition to your collection. Choose from eight different clay fighters, and enter the ring in order to fight for the title of King of the Circus. Whether it’s the game’s quirky claymation graphics, the characters’ comedic personalities and abilities, or the intense fighting action, ClayFighter has something for video game fans of all ages.