DS- Homie Rollerz

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The wildly popular Homies characters take to the streets and in their favorite pimped-out rides in Homie Rollerz, a fast-paced, mayhem laden kart racer for your Nintendo DS! The core play mechanic of Homie Rollerz is "Pimp Out and Roll Out": Pimp out your engine for more horsepower, jack up your hydraulics for more bounce, and trick out your car with spoilers and paint jobs for the edge and style you'll need to be the best racer on the street!


  • Pimp Out and Roll Out: Earn respect points by doing tricks and winning races, then cash them in to pimp out your car! Use the stylus to paint and mod your ride, fit your car with a better engine and exhaust system for more speed, beef up your suspension and hydraulic systems for better turning and cooler tricks when racing, and more!
  • Get to Know Your Homies: Play as one of 10 hip characters from the Homies franchise and enter the Wizard Circuit, a mysterious racing series through which the winner is granted a single wish by the wise and legendary Homie known as Wizard! Learn what's motivating each of your Homies: Why is Alien Ese stuck on Earth and how can he get back home? How did Zombie become undead and will he ever return to the land of the living?
  • Rivalries and Respect: Take on your fellow Homies on their turf. Challenge Jokawild under the big top in Homie Circus; drag race down Venice Beach against Big Loco, or weave through the dense jungles and lost temples of Latin America against the sexy Gata. Learn the hoods, find the shortcuts, earn respect, and show your Homies who owns the street!
  • Multiplayer: Is one of your friends challenging your street cred? Show them who owns the hood with up to 8-player online Wi-Fi. Homies Rollerz also supports Download Play, so you and another Homie can play a trial version using only one cart!
  • Homie Rollerz is the first video game appearance of the popular Homies franchise. Over 140 million Homies collectible figures have been sold to date! Trick out your car and hit the streets - Homies never die!