Escape From Bug Island - Wii

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You start out with a tree branch as your first melee weapon along with some rocks as projectiles. As the game progresses, you can find better melee weapons and better projectile weapons. Ray will encounter some other characters through the first half of the game; however, after a visit to the Cave of Time, you will repeat the game in an attempt to prevent some of the character's demise. There are several caves that you can access after revisiting areas that hide bonus items and even better weapons. You will also gain access to a new flashlight that will allow you to use the two hand melee weapons and the second time around Ray has access to firearms. Some of the boss fights include the giant angry gorilla, one big worm, the giant spider, and of course the monster the island is named after, Beelzebub. The final battle is against a former human named Robert who is mutated into an insect like in the movie The Fly. Ray then makes his Escape from Bug Island after defeating the mutated Robert. Depending on how well Ray does during the game will determine which ending the player receives. Both endings find Ray making his escape from Bug Island; however, whether or not Ray has company on his escape depends on the ending.