Kirby Star Allies

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  • Kirby Star Allies provides a straightforward side-scrolling platformer experience with one notable twist: Kirby can turn enemies he encounters into friendly helpers by giving them a big pink heart.
  • As usual, he can also copy enemy abilities by swallowing them. But with up to three helpers in tow -- all of whom can be controlled by other local players with their own controllers -- players now have access to a broader range of abilities necessary to solve little contextual problems. A friend with an umbrella can use it to deflect a waterfall while a fire-powered pal lights a dynamite fuse running beneath it, all while Kirby fights off any nearby enemies with a hammer, a zap of electricity, or a karate punch.
  • More than that, pressing up on the control stick signals allies to combine their powers in fun ways, often resulting in supercharged fighters or the ability to overcome an obstacle.
  • Beyond the friendship theme, players can expect more of what's made Kirby's adventures so popular in the past, including simple boss fights, plenty of hidden doors and unlockable bonus stages, and lots of collectibles, including jigsaw puzzle pieces that gradually assemble into celebratory pictures.
  • Use compatible Amiibos to get additional Illustration Pieces