NES- Kirby's Adventure

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Kirby's Adventure, a superb sidescrolling platformer, is the second game in the Kirby series. Developed by HAL Laboratory, it was one of the last major titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). If you consider yourself a Kirby fan, then you need to play this game! Kirby wakes up from a nap, not having had any dreams, and decides to investigate at the Fountain of Dreams. He finds that King Dedede has stolen the Star Rod, the source of the Fountain's magic. He broke the Star Rod into seven pieces and gave six of them to the game's bosses, keeping the last for himself. Because the Fountain of Dreams has no power, nobody in Dream Land can dream. It's up to Kirby to collect all the pieces of the Star Rod and restore power to the Fountain of Dreams! This is the first Kirby game to feature Kirby's ability to swallow enemies and copy their powers.