Mario Tennis Aces

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  • Mario Tennis Aces puts players in the shoes of Mario as he journeys around an island on a role-playing game-like tennis adventure to find a quintet of "power stones" connected to the world's most powerful tennis racket.
  • It begins with basic tutorials that teach players how to hit a variety of shots, including trick shots and special time-pausing power shots.
  • As players move from location to location, they unlock challenges that force them to practice and exploit specific techniques and shot types. They'll also tackle puzzle-like challenges -- such as hitting a ball against a magic mirror in a haunted house -- and go up against boss-style enemies with special abilities that they must defeat in order to keep progressing. Mario's level and tennis stats improve with each event.
  • Outside the adventure mode, players can take part in short tournaments against computer-controlled opponents, set up matches against other players both in the same room and online, and try "swing" mode, which allows kids to wield their Joy-Con controllers like real rackets to hit the on-screen ball.