MLB: Topps Opening Day Baseball Cards 2020 - 6 packs!

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Sold In sets of 6 packs                                                                                                  Base Cards: The 200-card Base set features the game's superstars, budding young stars and a new crop of rookies for the 2020 season.

Base Parallels:

- Opening Day Edition - Limited to 2020
- Opening Day 1 of 1 Edition - Numbered 1 of 1
- Printing Plates - Numbered 1 of 1

Insert Cards:

NEW! Spring has Sprung: Imagery spanning decades of the game's greatest players honing their craft down at Spring Training.

NEW! Walk this Way!: Dynamic shots of current players celebrating walk-off victories from the previous season.

NEW! The Lighter Side of Baseball: Capturing funny on-field moments and the most colorful personalities playing the game. LIMITED PRINT

NEW! 2020 Topps Sticker Collection Preview: Sticker inserts that preview the upcoming 2020 Topps MLB Sticker Collection product.

Team Traditions and Celebrations: Showcasing iconic ballpark features and unique events.

Mascots: The most animated fan in the ballpark is front and center for these inserts.

Opening Day: Commemorating the start of the Baseball season, each team's Opening Day festivities from the 2019 MLB season are put on display.

Dugout Peeks: Candid shots of some of the biggest stars in their team's dugout. LIMITED PRINT

Base Card Image Variation: Select star players featured in the Base set will receive an image variation. LIMITED PRINT


NEW! Ballpark Profile Autographs: Popular broadcasters and Baseball personalities are commemorated with on-card autographs

Opening Day Autographs: MLB rookies and stars are celebrated on cards that feature their signature.

Base Card Variation Autograph Parallel: Autograph parallel of the Base Card Image Variation insert.

Mascot Autographs: Fan-favorite mascots autograph these special limited cards.

NEW! Major League Mementos Relics: Limited edition relic cards that offer up pieces of memorabilia from MLB ballparks.

NEW! Mascot Patch Relics: Commemorative patches featuring mascots from all across MLB! NUMBERED TO 99

Opening Day Relics: Game-used memorabilia from your favorite players embedded in special cards.

Mascot Relics and Mascot Autograph Relics: Pieces of jersey from your favorite mascots are featured in these cards. Look for special autograph versions!

Diamond Relics and Autograph Diamond Relics: Featuring a player and dirt from the Baseball diamond from his home ballpark. Look for special autograph versions!