N64- War Gods

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War Gods was developed by a team led by George Petro (lead programmer) and Jack Haeger (lead artist). It was very similar to Midway's more famous Mortal Kombat series in featuring a great deal of gore and horrific fatalities. The array of playable characters featured gods (or, more accurately, immortals). One featured character in the game was Anubis, the Ancient Egyptian guardian of the underworld, and the Jackal God. Other characters were more reminiscent of Roman gladiators such as "Maximus", the houngan "Voodoo", the questionable Kabuki Jo and the obviously fictional cybernetic "CY-5". Plot Many, many years ago, a spaceship carrying precious life-giving ore crashes to Earth. The chunks of ore scatter across the planet, and over the years, ten humans each find a stone of the ore, and are transformed into powerful beings, War Gods. And now, they are fighting each other to possess all the stones and become the ultimate super-warrior.