NES Remix Pack

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  • To complement the rest of your Wii U games, you can get the 'NES Remix Pack,' which features both the original Remix bundle as well as 'NES Remix 2.'
  • Released in 2014, the ultimate 'NES Remix Pack' for Wii U offers mashups of more than two dozen classic games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System, including 'Excitebike,' 'Super Mario Bros,' 'Donkey Kong' and 'The Legend of Zelda.'
  • The 'NES Remix Pack' includes original gameplay from these beloved titles along with unique 8-bit challenges that will test your gaming skills.
  • Advance in the game by earning high scores to unlock new action-packed levels featuring your favourite Nintendo characters.
  • You can even share your accomplishments as you go via NES Remix Miiverse, an online community populated by other Remix users.