PS3- Brink

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  • Move seamlessly between an immersive single player story and co-operative and competitive online multiplayer whenever you choose.
  • Create a unique character using endless customization combinations.
  • Whether you're a seasoned online veteran or a total newbie, let the SMART command system dynamically decide where you need to be and how best to get there.

The floating city

Welcome to the Ark in the year 2045, a massive floating city in a remote area of the Pacific Ocean and the last hope for humanity's survival. Built by scientists in the early years of the 21st century as a completely self-sufficient habitat, the Ark has been overrun with tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the rapid rise of the Earth's oceans thanks to the effects of global warming.

As the oceans continue to rise, less people arrive on the island until eventually those on board lose all contact with the world outside, leading them to believe that the city is all that remains of mankind. Now, overwhelmed by thousands of refugees, the Ark's renewable resources are dwindling and, with the balance of power about to unravel, two factions emerge.

The first is the Ark's Security, police officers charged with maintaining law and order amongst the remnants of humanity. The second is the Resistance, a band of militants that want to use the Ark's resources to leave the city in search of life. The only question that remains is this: which side will you choose?

Class acts

When you start Brink on PlayStation 3 you will be asked to create a character. You can choose from body type, voice, tattoos and clothing before selecting which side you want to fight on - the Resistance or Ark Security.

Once you've done that, it's time to pick from one of the four Classes available to you. These are Soldier, Medic, Engineer and Operative. Soldiers can plant heavy explosives and complete any destruction based objectives. They can also refill their ammo and come equipped with grenades and Molotov cocktails.

Medics are an integral part of any team because they can revive injured players using health syringes. Engineers are tasked with building, repairing and upgrading items on the battlefield such as turrets and machine gun nests.

Lastly, Operatives can disguise themselves and infiltrate enemy compounds waiting for the perfect moment to strike out and upset the balance of battle. They're also the only class that can spot enemy landmines and hack computer terminals.

Island riots

Brink on PlayStation 3 features a number of multiplayer modes including the ability to play the game's entire campaign online via PlayStation Network with up to 15 other players. When playing Brink this way, you can choose to take on missions in any order.

While Freeplay mode grants you a lot of freedom when playing Brink, it doesn't allow you to follow the main storyline. On the other hand, it features a collection of settings that alter the battlefield and offer up multiple challenges for you and your friends. For example, changing your match settings to Advanced turns on Friendly Fire which means that if you're not careful, you can accidentally kill a teammate with a misplaced bullet.

Turning on the Old School setting allows you to play with no restrictions and no mercy; matches are now deadlier than ever. This is a particularly tough way to experience the game and recommended for seasoned first person shooter players.

Once you've had some practice and you think you're fast enough, select the Stopwatch setting and see if you and your teammates can finish the mission in the fastest time possible. Grab your friends and battle it out on the Ark today!