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Shrek SuperSlam

Shrek SuperSlam

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* Play the whole motley crew – Gamers play as one of 10 (Nintendo Game Boy Advance) or one of 12 (Nintendo DS) fantastical characters from the movies – including heroes like Shrek, Donkey, Puss-in-Boots, and Princess Fiona™ and villains like Prince Charming, Lil' Witch, and many more. Well-known characters, and some all-new characters, make for endless combinations of multiplayer action.

* New signature moves – Shrek's gaseous “Fume of Dume” clears out a room, Puss-in-Boots' disarming “Cute Kitty Attack” dazes players on their feet and Pinocchio wields his lengthened nose, the “Hummingbird,” to spear enemies. These are just a few of the game's totally twisted and hilarious signature fighting moves.

* Destructible environments – Players can slam opponents into walls and windows and break environmental objects. All 13 arenas for the Nintendo DS and 10 arenas for the Game Boy Advance are destructible and loaded with weapons, potions, magical items and environmental hazards.

*Pummel your friends – Up to four players can slam it out in multiplayer, free-for-all melee combat. Nintendo DS features wireless multiplayer while the Nintendo Game Boy Advance version supports both the link cable and wireless adapter.

* Hocus Pocus – Characters can pick up more than 25 different weapons, potions, and magical items throughout the game such as the plunger crossbow, the lightning hammer and shrink potion.

* Mega Challenges – Players slam through 25 mini games that test skills and fray nerves.

* Touch-screen and map on Nintendo DS – On the Nintendo DS, players can touch the screen to collect weapons and magical items, slam their opponents or zoom in with the camera.
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