SNES - Super Bases Loaded (Cartridge Only)

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Are you ready to play the perfect game?
Bottom of the ninth, one out, man on first, game on the line. You're shading the batter toward second, hoping fora game-ending double play. Suddenly, a line smash, deep in the hole to your left, in one split-second motion you dive, you're up with the ball, you flip it to first to double the runner. Game over? Not yet.
SUPER BASES LOADED introduces an exciting new element to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game play. It rates your abilities in 13 skill categories. The better you get, the harder it gets! It challenges you to play error-free, clutch baseball against the toughest, most talented competition in the game. Just look at these major league features:
- 5 increasingly difficult levels of play, rating you in 13 categories as you play each team
- All-new center field TV perspective, with unique "radar" feature that shows location of fielders in relation to the ball
- Incredible new strategies allow you to customize your team with players having different stamina and speed ratings
- The ultimate goal: beat a Level 5 team with a perfect rating of 100...the perfect game!
It takes nothing short of perfection to play SUPER BASES LOADED. Just ask Ryne Sandberg. SUPER BASES LOADED is in a league by itself.