SNES - Ultima: The False Prophet (Cartridge Only)

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In this, the first Super NES game in the Ultima series, the Underworld has been destroyed during the rescue of Lord British, and fierce gargoyles have been released! Search for hidden runes while defending shrines from gargoyle attacks. Discover their secret with the magic of the moonstones. Become the key to the salvation of Britannia! If you've ever played an Ultima game, you'll want to continue with the ultimate test of skill, Ultima: The False Prophet. And if you've never played an Ultima game, it's time to take the challenge!

- Old friends return: Shamino, Dupre, lolo return from Ultima Warriors of Destiny, but this game stands on its own
- Speak with fascinating characters, solve puzzles, and find hundreds of objects
- Features "real time" play, with different day and night activities and working clocks
- Powerful Super NES memory chips provides over 100 hours of playing time
- Long life battery saves play position
- Variable speed lets you choose how fast to read text
- Travel by foot, boat, skiff and balloon
- 8 levels of magic, 48 spells