Super Mario 3D Land

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  • Mario leaps into a new dimension and returns to his roots in an all-new adventure in 3D!
  • Leap and stomp with precision with the new 3D view!
  • This game features new power-ups such as the Propeller Box, Boomerang Suit, and Tanooki Suit!
  • There are also extra challenges where you can beat dozens of Mystery Boxes and trade them in via StreetPass!

More details:

  • Help Mario and his friends rescue the princess once again in this exciting portable installment of the popular "Mario" series. In "Super Mario 3D Land" for Nintendo 3DS, Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach, sending the heroes on a quest to save her and restore the Tall Tree on her castle grounds.
  • The "Super Mario" title combines the classic components of franchise hits like "Super Mario World" while adding new and special 3D elements.
  • Players can navigate in this 3DS game by going through the side-scrolling actions. When available, the gameplay can be converted into a 3D mode, allowing a player to explore more of the level, find hidden passageways, and collect more power-ups. This type of gameplay is similar to other "Super Mario" titles like "Paper Mario."This video game features 3D graphics, challenging enemies, and an interesting storyline, offering hours of gaming fun.
  • "Super Mario 3D Land" features a mix of traditional Mario powers along with new abilities that players can use.
  • The classic leaf that originally appeared in "Super Mario 3" is an essential part of the game. By getting the leaf, players can transform into the Tanuki suit, which makes it easy to glide across obstacles and attack opponents with a spinning tail.
  • The Super Mushroom and Fire Flower power-ups are also available, helping Mario defeat his foes with ease.There are new special powers that were created just for the Nintendo 3DS game.
  • The first is known as the Boomerang Flower that allows players to throw boomerangs at monsters or items. A Prize Box power-up makes it easy to collect coins as they naturally float towards Mario as he runs. Using the 3DS technology, Mario can store an extra power-up on the bottom screen. When the power is needed, it can be tapped and appear on the top screen. This is ideal for battles against Bowser or some of the main boss villains in the game.
  • The full adventure in the Nintendo 3DS title includes eight different worlds with a number of levels featured in each world. There are also special stages to explore.
  • Every world has a different theme and unique monsters designed to fit the theme. For example, World 4 features a grassland where Mario must jump over plants, hop on large mushrooms, and climb trees to reach the end goal. World 5 is a mountain canyon world that features mountain designs, challenging rock climbs, and a few adventures that take place in caves.
  • Like traditional Nintendo video games, there are also numerous water worlds where Mario must swim to avoid enemies and get to the end of the level.A majority of the boss battles in the "Super Mario 3D Land" game take place on airships. These are flying ships filled with cannons, villains, and challenging obstacles to get past. Once you reach the end of the level, you must battle with one of the Koopa monsters to unlock the next world. It typically takes three hits to defeat the monster and get past the level.
  • "Super Mario 3D Land" has an E for Everyone rating and features mild violence.