Super Mario Party

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  • Gather your friends and get ready for a brand-new round of mini-game fun with over 80 different mini-games to play as Nintendo's hit party game franchise makes its debut on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Of course, it's not a party if no one shows up, so Mario is bringing along more than a few friends, with a roster of 20 different characters to choose from, including some returning favorites and a few brand-new additions to the guest list.
  • Got a friend with a Switch? Invite them to Toad's Rec Room to join in the fun with unique tabletop games that make use of both Switch screens at once.
  • Amiibo support adds a few extra party favors to the mix, and online multiplayer support means your friends can join the party even if they're not close by
  • Scan Amiibo figures for in-game Party Points!
  • Scan Amiibo figures of playable characters in Super Mario Party to unlock their stickers!