Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE

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  • Invaders from the Idolasphere want your creative energy. Go out and break a leg with showstopping moves!
  • Save Tokyo from the marauding mirages!
  • Learn the ropes of the idol life and perform dazzling session attacks!
  • Do whatever it takes to win fans as a rising showbiz star as RPG Master Atlus puts their unique spin on Fire Emblem favourites!

More details:

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE tells the story of Itsuki, a Japanese teenager, and several of his friends. These kids learn early in the game that they have the power to ally themselves with mirages -- warriors from another dimension who can imbue certain humans with powerful weapons and skills. They use their newfound abilities to fight evil mirages who have taken possession of human celebrities as part of a far-reaching and nefarious scheme that's slowly revealed as the story progresses.
  • Play is split between the human world in Tokyo, where players visit real-world locations such as the Shibuya shopping district, chat with nonplayer characters to further the narrative, and upgrade their gear and skills, and a completely different world called the Idolosphere, a dimension composed of labyrinthine dungeons patrolled by evil mirages and populated by secondary characters who occasionally ask the heroes to perform special "requests," such as tracking down and defeating specific villains.
  • Combat is turn-based, with enemies appearing in the center of a circular stage and allies along its rim.
  • Characters take turns attacking, using items, and employing special skills that can be combined with other characters' skills to create combos called sessions. After each battle, characters earn cash that can be spent on new items and gear, experience that helps them gain levels and learn new skills, and "performa," which can be used to create new weapons in a ritual called unity.