Wii Fit U

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  • An enhanced version of Nintendo's popular Wii title, Wii Fit U adds a host of new activities, off-TV play capabilities, gym communities, and the ability to share information with the new Fit Meter pedometer accessory.
  • The action is designed to get gamers moving by incorporating the Wii Remote, Wii Balance Board, and GamePad into a variety of activities, including the new dance mode and games like Core Luge, Trampoline Target, and Puzzle Squash.
  • Players can also use the Personal Trainer mode to track their progress, get workout recommendations, or set up their own routines.
  • The Fit Meter is a small circular object that can be used anywhere, and, in addition to counting steps, it also measures acceleration and atmospheric pressure to present a more accurate assessment of calories burned.
  • Users can then sync their Fit Meter with their GamePad to view detailed graphs of all their activities, or they can take on special Walking Challenges or Altitude Challenges to see how far they would have travelled along famous locations, mountains, and monuments.
  • Social gamers can use the Miiverse to join or create a Gym Community to share achievements, compare scores, and encourage one another through exercise and yoga activities.This version of the game includes a Fit Meter pedometer.