Wii Sports Resort

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  • Wii Sports Resort is the long-waited sequel to the award-winning Wii Sports. This time around, there are 12 categories of sports to explore, and fun variations within most of these sports.
  • You can play archery, Frisbee, basketball, golf, table tennis, bowling; and explore the air sports of skydiving and flying a plane.
  • You can also try wakeboarding (a form of water skiing), sword play, power cruising (driving a jet ski), cycling, and canoeing.
  • All of these sports are played by doing intuitive arm motions that are associated with the sport. So to throw a Frisbee, you will flick your wrist, and to play table tennis you will swing an imaginary paddle. And with the new Wii MotionPlus, the controller is so sensitive, that you can now add spin and other sophisticated moves.