XB1- Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved

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  • At the start of the game, the guide, Percy, tells the player that they are embarking on a musical journey. When they finish their training as Apprentices, they complete the first songs required to place the stars in the Sorcerer's hat. Yen Sid then bestows the player the Sorcerers hat and the takes the player to meet the second supporting character, Scout, who needs help conducting music. After helping Scout to conduct music, she suggests to go back to Observatory, where Yen Sid resides. Unfortunately Yen Sid is absent and the player finds out that the force called the Noise had disrupted the realms. It is up to the player to restore the realms to their glory by completing goals of discovering remixes in songs in each realm, and participate in music making minigames in each realm. 
  • The narration directly references the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment from Walt Disney's 1940 animated film Fantasia.