XB360- The Bourne Conspiracy

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Amnesic assassin Jason Bourne stars in his first video game courtesy of Sierra Entertainment. Featuring a story developed in collaboration with screenwriter Tony Gilroy, The Bourne Conspiracy lets players delve deeper into the protagonist's past and the events surrounding his tormented training within a black ops division of the CIA. Players will guide Bourne through cinematic chase scenes and a seamless mix of hand-to-hand and ranged combat.

Throughout each exotic environment, players must quickly recognize potential threats, perform quick takedowns, and use their surroundings to either gain an advantage or escape from danger. Players will revisit key moments from the first film, including the dramatic Mini Cooper chase scene through narrow, crowded Parisian streets while being pursued by police. To match the films' fast-paced visual style, the developers crafted the combat system with the help of choreographer Jeff Imada, who worked on the fight sequences in the first three movies.