Xenoblade Chronicles

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  • In Xenoblade Chronicles you're quickly introduced to a cast of energetically animated characters sporting unnatural hair colors and bizarre outfits before setting out learning an elaborate real-time melee combat system, the intricacies of which will take most players dozens of hours to fully comprehend and master.
  • Its wildly imaginative plot, which features a small population of humanoids living upon the massive body of a fallen god while fighting off murderous mechanical invaders, is decidedly within the domain of inspired Japanese fantasy.
  • However, things eventually take on a more Western flavor. Players get to journey across a massive, free-to-roam world, engaging in literally hundreds of side quests along the way.
  • Plus, a complex and dynamic social system allows players to interact with and alter their relationships with not just fellow party members, but also secondary characters scattered throughout the world.
  • It's an enormous game. Dedicated players can expect in excess of 100 hours of play time.